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Support for Your Pathways to Recovery

About Us: Beacon of Hope: Services & Programs

Recovery Coaching

Free peer to peer support!

Looking for someone to talk to about the support you need?  To celebrate your successes with?  To explore life in recovery with?  Try coaching with a peer recovery coach!  Book a meeting, call or text us for more info (240-298-0212) or stop by.

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Continuing Care

Recovery Check Ups

Keep your recovery "engine" running smoothly, give it a tune-up, or get help if your "check engine" light is on with these free, by phone, virtual or in person, recovery check up sessions.  Scheduled as often as you feel supports your honest, healthy program.  Click here to message Katrina Benson!

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Groups and Meetings

Face to Face and Virtual Options

Whether you have a goal of a meeting a day, are on the quest for the right support group for you, or like to mix it up and try new groups and meetings, the Beacon has choices for you.  Jump to our flyer forest area, click here for our weekly schedule, or hop to our glossary of what's what!  If you are looking for help starting a meeting, contact us here.


Meet the Beacon of Hope Crew

Passionate about wellness & recovery!

At Beacon of Hope Recovery and Wellness Community Center, our team of professional staff members is intent on giving you the best educational, cultural, and fitness experience we can provide. Our staff guarantees excellence in all they do and go the extra mile to cater to your specific needs. We are highly grateful for our committed staff — without them, our community center wouldn’t be the place we all know and love. Contact us today and swing by for a visit.


Gloria Daniels

Lead Recovery Coach

I am Gloria, a person in recovery.  To me, that means working on changing attitudes, people, places, and things. I have learned that regaining self-respect and self- esteem and believing in the journey brings many rewards.  Being in recovery is an everyday adventure, full of wonderful gifts of acceptance and belonging!


Francesca Daniele

Recovery Coach

The newest member of our team, Francesca might be familiar to you...


Dom Smith

Recovery Coach

My name is Dominique and I am in long term REDISCOVERY. My journey began 04/19/2013 and I have not looked back since, As I grow throughout my rediscovery I have the opportunity to give back what I took away from family, friends and most important myself. I am grateful for waking up every morning; I hope I can help others enjoy life alcohol and drug free.
“The only place where your dreams become impossible is in your own thinking”
-Robert Schuller


Audrey Sampson

Recovery Coach

My name is Audrey. I'm in long term recovery.  I love the challenges and growth this job position, peer support, brings. Walking in my life's purpose through Beacon of Hope. Thank


Laura Stewart Webb

Director of Engagement and Special Projects

Welcome to our network of growth and healing!  I thank this group of colleagues, our beloved Southern Maryland community, and all those who make these services possible.   I am always learning and growing and hope to do so with you!


Carley Woodall

Recovery Coach

Hello, my name is Carley Woodall. I have been in recovery since 2016. I have lived in St. Mary's county since 2001 and love this community. I enjoy helping others and want to help show people that recovery is possible. I look forward to meeting you!


Robert Whalen

Recovery Coach


Katrina Benson

Continuing Care Specialist

Hi, My name is Katrina. I am the Continuing Care Specialist in Saint Mary's County Maryland. I enjoy assisting others in and out of my Community. I love traveling, eating fine cuisine, shopping, and making others laugh. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite fragrance is Eucalyptus. I enjoy moments of serenity and solace. And though I love nature, I dislike bugs. I have learned many things while working in the Behavioral Health Field. This experience has assisted me with the tools necessary to properly educate Peers who come into our Office for services. This experience has also assisted me personally and with my loved ones. My job is very rewarding, and I look forward to what beholds my future in this field. 

About Us: Beacon of Hope: Meet the Team
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General Hours

Come Visit

Monday & Tuesday:  11am-7pm
Wednesday 12-7pm 
Friday:  11am-10:30pm

Sun: 11:30am-2:30pm (AA in person and DRA on Zoom only)

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Welcome to recovery in Southern MD with the Beacon

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