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Honoring Kristin's Last Day- Zoom for Teens 2/3 at 4

On Thursday 2/3 from 4 to 5 pm, Cove will host a Zoom hybrid "book club," featuring Kristin's Last Day excerpt from Bill Mitchell's memoir When Dating Hurts. Hosts will assist participants to read portions of the book detailing Bill and Michele's beloved daughter's last day before the tragedy of her murder. We will discuss signs of dating violence that neither Kristen not those who loved her realized, and how teens can learn to recognize these signs to avoid unhealthy relationships and call them out when they see them happening. We'll also share information on local and national resources. We'll hold a second "book club" for teens on When Dating Hurts on 2/17 from 4 to 5, exploring another excerpt that helps us better understand the impacts of dating violence on family and friends of victims.

To register for the "book club", please go to or contact us at 240-808-1875. We also have copies of When Dating Hurts available for those who live in St. Mary's County and wish to read the book. (Teens will not need to have read the book or have a copy in advance.)

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